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Penn Aerospace Solutions provides aircraft parts for all different makes and models of aircraft.

At Penn Aerospace Solutions, we have extensive experience with managing consigned inventories. We can design a consignment program for all of your parts to be sold and stored at Penn Aerospace Solutions warehouse's.  We have been successful at helping customers clear out space at their facilities and maximize their parts sales opportunities.

 Customer Consignment Program Benefits:

  • Consigner receives a portion of the proceeds sold every quarter.
  • All part numbers are marketed on the top search engines in the aviation industry.
  • Penn Aerospace Solutions is responsible to collect payment for sales transactions.
  • We are working 24/7/365 to sell your inventory.
  • Prompt quote response.

 Watsontown, PA warehouse has 1.2 million square feet of warehouse space

Just minutes from U.S. Route 15 and Interstate 80, our Watsontown, PA warehouse includes over 1.2 million square feet of storage facilities.

Penn Aerospace Solutions Contacts...


Jeff Ellis


Direct: 877-736-2376 Ext:8706

Local: 570-736-1222 Ext:8706

Cell: 316-640-8706


Jerimiah Webb


Direct: 877-736-2376 Ext: 8136

Local: 570-736-1222 Ext:8136

Cell: 316-304-8136



Marcelo Simoni                                               


Direct: 877-736-2376 Ext:8009                 

Local: 570-736-1222 Ext:8009                

Cell: 501-253-8009